Management Team

Susan Altshuler — Senior Associate

Ms. Altshuler offers Alternate Concept’s clients more than 25 years of transit industry experience, with a focus on the implementation of new technologies in operations. She has introduced innovative systems to more than a dozen transit agencies in the United States that leveraged existing resources to meet expanding demands.

At ACI, Ms. Altshuler has worked on a variety of projects, including Mobilization Manager for the Denver FastTracks Commuter Rail Operations & Maintenance contract; expanded use of management information systems at Tren Urbano in Puerto Rico for rail vehicle maintenance, systems maintenance and inventory departments; enhanced MIS capabilities in MBCR’s commuter rail vehicle maintenance department focused on project tracking, labor accountability, and defect tracking; and implemented a common MIS system that promotes consistent operations management and reporting for all ACI contracts.

Prior to joining ACI, Ms. Altshuler served as Director of Operations Technology for the MBTA and Director of Information Technology for KKO and Associates, Inc.

Patrick V. Aufiero — General Counsel

Mr. Aufiero is responsible for ACI’s legal affairs including corporate governance and compliance, and overseeing aspects of contract related governance, negotiation and compliance.  Mr. Aufiero also supports risk management, business development and project management for the company.

Prior to joining ACI, Mr. Aufiero served as Bid Director on the proposal submitted by the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad (MBCR) as part of a $4.28 billion transportation procurement for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s commuter rail system and as MBCR’s Transition Director.  Prior to that Mr. Aufiero was an associate attorney at a leading Boston boutique law firm specializing in a myriad of complex practice areas including transportation, regulatory policy, licensing and permitting, telecommunications and municipal law.

Anne E. Bickford — Senior Associate

Ms. Bickford offers ACI clients more than 34 years of experience in public and private sector rail transportation. She is a skilled project manager, with a deep understanding of rail transit operations, maintenance, management, planning, finance, budgeting, and administration. Ms. Bickford began her career at the MBTA, where she rose swiftly to the position of Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of Operations, managing a workforce of over 5000. Ms. Bickford joined ACI shortly after its founding in 1989. Over the 25 years since, she has been instrumental in ACI’s award and successful management of its contracts for rail and bus services, leading to ACI’s current position as one of the largest U.S. owned private providers of bus and rail transportation services.

Ms. Bickford is experienced with DBOM and P3 projects, having performed extensive work on the Tren Urbano Rail project in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Denver Eagle P3 Project, and the Maryland Purple Line P3 Project. She has significant experience with rail system start-ups and implementation of procedures, systems and processes that enhance the quality and reliability of public transportation services.

Bernard Cohen — Senior Associate

During his 34-year career in transportation, Bernard Cohen has held senior management positions at three of the nation’s largest public transportation agencies and served as Secretary of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where he won legislative approval for new investment of approximately $10 billion for improved transportation infrastructure. Prior to serving as Transportation Secretary, and following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Mr. Cohen was appointed to head a new Federal Transit Administration office in Lower Manhattan, where he oversaw a $4.55 billion program to rebuild subway and roadway infrastructure that was destroyed on 9/11.

Mr. Cohen also led the mobilization effort at the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad prior to taking over the operation and maintenance of commuter rail service in 2003. At the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, he directed an Operations Department with 5,900 employees and a $300 million annual budget. While at the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority he served as Chief of Staff to the Chairman and later oversaw multiple major transit expansion planning studies. Mr. Cohen also served as communications chief for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, overseeing media relations, customer service, and community relations.

Mr. Cohen joined ACI in 2010, where his first assignment was to manage multiple major corrective maintenance projects at Tren Urbano in Puerto Rico. Since then, he has helped to secure a number of new O&M contracts for ACI.

Richard J. "Doc" Daley, Jr. — Paul Revere Transportation LLC, General Manager

Mr. Daley has more than four decades of Transportation Operations experience in the public and private sectors, with expertise spanning service, training, safety, and administrative functions. He is responsible for planning, organizing, managing and directing the operation and maintenance of Paul Revere Transportation's revenue and non-revenue bus fleet for contract customers. In this role, he directs transportation for all divisions and contract clients that use daily shuttles as well as fulfilling all transportation requirements to non-contract customers. Mr. Daley also administers collective bargaining agreements with union representatives; oversees and directs the company’s emergency response program at Logan International Airport.

Before becoming General Manager, Mr. Daley served as Director of Safety and Training at Paul Revere Bus Company. Prior to joining Paul Revere, Mr. Daley served as the Director of Bus Operations for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).

Patricia Fahy — Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Fahy has over thirty years experience in the areas of organizational administration, financial management, strategic planning, debt management, capital budgeting and consulting in both the public and private sectors. At ACI, she provides financial management for the company and for client contracts, including budget development, contract pricing, performance tracking and monitoring as well as assistance with negotiations for the establishment of collective bargaining agreements.

Prior to joining ACI, Ms. Fahy served as the Chief Financial Officer of Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad (MBCR), where she was responsible for financial management and reporting, accounting, payroll, IT, materials management and procurement. Her previous experience includes her position as Contract Administrator to the Government of Puerto Rico overseeing the operations and management contract for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority. She also served as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director for the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, where she implemented improved financial management systems, established water and sewer rates for the City of Boston, and planned and implemented revenue bond issuances to fund BWSC’s capital improvement program.

Laureen Hartnett — Senior Associate

Ms. Hartnett has direct responsibility for overall contract administration, financial analysis and administrative support, including payroll, budgeting, and development of administrative systems, policies and procedures on the Valley Metro Rail Transportation Services contract. Ms. Hartnett provides general human resources support in the areas of compliance, the development and implementation of employment policies, and the administration of various employee benefits programs for all ACI operations. Ms. Hartnett also plays a key role in the development of proposals for operations contracts held by both ACI and Paul Revere Transportation.

Anne Y. Herzenberg — General Manager, Denver Transit Operators, Denver, CO

On-site in Denver, Ms. Herzenberg has overall authority and responsibility for all aspects of operations and maintenance (O&M) of the commuter rail system in Denver. The railroad was created through the Eagle P3 project, a public-private-partnership that designed and built the system and is now providing O&M services for a period of 29 years. Revenue service began in April 2016 and had carried 10 million passengers by the end of 2017. Ms. Herzenberg recruited the workforce for Denver Transit Operators LLC (DTO), oversaw a comprehensive training program for all employees and led the mobilization and startup of the service on the "A" and "B" Lines. She has also readied a team of transit professionals to begin operating the third and final line - the "G" Line - in 2018. Ms. Herzenberg oversees all of the day to day activities of the railroad and manages DTO's business interests.

Prior to joining ACI, Ms. Herzenberg served as the Chief Operations Officer for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and was responsible for all subway, bus, commuter rail and paratransit operations.

William F. McClellan – Senior Associate

Mr. McClellan offers ACI clients more than 30 years of experience in transportation management and operations. His expertise spans light rail and heavy rail operations, maintenance, training, safety and administration.

Prior to joining ACI, Mr. McClellan spent 30 years working for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, rising to the position of Assistant General Manager for Rail Operations, where he was responsible for all aspects of Transportation, Operations Control Center, Training, Vehicle Maintenance, Quality Assurance and Back Shop areas under the Operations umbrella. Mr. McClellan’s department included approximately 3,000 employees, over 600 vehicles and budgets in excess of $400 million. Mr. McClellan also had oversight of transit oriented development as well as various capital construction projects, most notably the reconstruction of Government Center, Orient Heights, and Assembly Square Stations; Red, Orange and Green Line vehicle procurements, and Green Line Light Rail and Red Line Heavy Rail vehicle overhaul programs.

Mr. McClellan is an active member of the APTA Operating Practices Working Group, which develops standards for rail transit systems.

Michael Ohmstede – Controller

Mr. Ohmstede joined ACI in 2017. He has more than 25  years of financial leadership experience in high-growth, privately-owned companies after starting his career with eight years in public accounting.  Mr. Ohmstede provides accounting, financial reporting and financial operational support for the company’s corporate office as well for as its various operations, ensuring accurate dissemination of information and timely execution.

Michael Mulhern – Chief Operations Officer

Michael Mulhern is a seasoned transit industry professional whose career spans over three decades of rail operations. Mr. Mulhern serves as our Chief Operations Officer supporting our rail operations and maintenance organizations in Arizona, Denver, Maryland and Puerto Rico. A career veteran of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA); hired as a track maintainer and rising through the ranks to Chief Operating Officer and ultimately retiring from the agency after serving as the General Manager / Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Mulhern’s career at the MBTA is marked by his hands-on experience at every level of subway operations while furthering his education and assuming positions of increasing responsibilities.

Mr. Mulhern was a leading force in introducing advanced technologies to the nation’s oldest subway system including the state-of-the-art Operations Control Center and subway Station Management systems. Post September 11th, Mr. Mulhern developed the Secure Station initiative which leveraged and integrated multiple capital investments at the MBTA to make Boston’s subway system one of safest in the industry.

Throughout his career Mr. Mulhern has heavily invested in the people that work for him. Serving as a manager, a mentor, and a coach he has helped to develop some of the most skilled professionals in the US transit industry. Many of Mr. Mulhern’s proteges lead agencies or work in senior level positions across North America. He is first and foremost a teacher and an innovator. He also served as lecturer at Washington DC’s Eno Center for Transit Leadership from 2005 -2015. Mr. Mulhern has taught Transportation Public Policy and International Business Consulting at Boston College and Suffolk University.

Paul O'Leary – Senior Associate

Mr. O’Leary joined ACI in 2015 having dedicated the past 11 years to the commuter rail industry. Prior to joining ACI, Mr. O’Leary served as Assistant Chief Engineer for Finance, Administration and Automotive at Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad where his wide ranging responsibilities included budgetary compliance, interpreting and overseeing labor contracts for seven unions and maintenance of a 400 vehicle non-revenue fleet. He also served as Program Director-Capital Projects for Keolis and was responsible for all force account and third party projects on the commuter rail system.

William Shannon — Chief Mechanical Officer

Mr. Shannon is a vehicle operations and project manager with over 30 years of experience performing and overseeing the maintenance, overhaul, procurement, startup and upgrade of rail vehicles and systems. Mr. Shannon provides project management and operational support to ACI’s commuter rail and rapid transit rail projects. For start-up rail projects such as Maryland Purple Line and Denver Eagle Commuter Rail--both P3 projects--Mr. Shannon performs rolling stock and maintenance facility design reviews, inspections and testing. Mr. Shannon also coordinates with the design teams to incorporate details of operational requirements and interfaces. Through startup, Mr. Shannon assembles the Vehicle Maintenance Teams, develops maintenance plans meeting all regulatory requirements, prepares SOP’s covering operations and safety, and works with other departments within the organization to procure equipment and initiate subcontracts.

Prior to joining ACI in 2010 Mr. Shannon spent 23 years at the MBTA specializing in rail vehicle maintenance in positions including Repairer, Direct Line Supervisor, Superintendent, and Deputy CMO for Railroad Operations.

Luis V. Villares Sarmiento, Esq. — General Manager, Tren Urbano, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mr. Villares joined ACI in 2007 and was appointed General Manager in 2013. As General Manager, Mr. Villares has overall authority and responsibility for day-to-day management of Tren Urbano operations and maintenance and serves as the primary point of contact with the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (HTA). Prior to becoming General Manager Mr. Villares was General Counsel for ACI’s Tren Urbano operation. As chief legal officer , his responsibilities included overseeing the company’s compliance with contractual obligations with HTA, subcontractors and vendors. He was also responsible for labor relations and managed the company’s insurance and risk reduction programs. In addition, he supported all departments within the organization to assure compliance with applicable rules, regulations, internal standard of operations procedures, and the company’s core policies. Prior to joining ACI, Mr. Villares was in private practice with a law firm in Puerto Rico. His litigation practice included First Instance and Appellate Courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, U.S. district Court for the District of Puerto Rico, and U.S. Appellate Court for the First Circuit.

Gregory Woods – General Manager, Valley Metro Light Rail Transportation Services, Phoenix, Arizona

On-site in Phoenix, Mr. Woods has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the light rail services and serves as the primary point of contact with the Valley Metro Rail, Inc. (VMR). Mr. Woods brings over 23-years of public transit experience in light rail and commuter rail operations and maintenance. His experience and expertise include start-up activation; operations; incident management and investigations; special events planning; front-line, mid-level and senior level management and staff development; training; and labor negotiations and management for large- and small-scale transit systems in a state and federal regulated environment.

Prior to joining ACI, in 2018 Mr. Woods served as the General Manger for the Coaster commuter rail and the Sprinter light rail services in San Diego California. Mr. Woods previously served as the General Manager Newark Light Rail Operations including both public and privately operated services – the River Line, Hudson Bergen Line, and Newark Light Rail.

Mr. Woods is an active member of the APTA and is a member of the APTA Operating Rules working group for rail.

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