ACI History

ACI was founded in 1989 by James F. O’Leary and two other partners, Richard Brown and Jane Daly, all of whom held senior management positions at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Mr. O’Leary, now the sole owner of ACI, served as General Manager of the MBTA from 1981 to 1989.

The mission of the company at its founding was to provide public and private sector clients with creative ways to manage financial and logistical challenges such as the acquisition of new rolling stock. ACI prides itself on utilizing private sector efficiencies to manage within public sector constraints. Over the past 26 years, ACI has grown into a full service transit operator of heavy rail, light rail, commuter rail and bus transit services throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

ACI currently has 470 employees including joint ventures and three active passenger rail operations contracts involving the movement of over 122,000 trains annually that carry over 24 million passengers per year. ACI is also the managing partner of Paul Revere Transportation, LLC, the 17th largest private bus operator nationally. Paul Revere holds 13 service contracts, employs 450 people and carries over 15 million passengers annually.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, ACI provides the full array of transit operations and maintenance services and employs a cadre of experienced managers and consultants who provide technical support to our skilled local management teams across all disciplines.

From New England to the Caribbean and from the East Coast to the Southwest and Colorado, ACI is proud to deliver high quality services that consistently meet or exceed client and customer expectations.

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