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Paul Revere Transportation

  • Service Locations: Massachusetts, Arizona
  • Role: Managing Partner
  • Status: Ongoing

Paul Revere Transportation, the 16th largest private bus operator in the United States according to METRO Magazine, carries over 24 million passengers each year.  The company operates and maintains a fleet of 190 buses and employs more than 550 personnel on nearly 20 public and private sector service contracts.

Founded in 1990, Paul Revere contracts typically include operation of scheduled fixed route service, provision of well-maintained buses, hiring and training, collection and reconciliation of fares, safety procedures, ADA compliance, and customer relations.  The company provides its own bus maintenance for New Flyer, NABI, Van Hool and other major bus brands at two Paul Revere facilities in Chelsea and Roxbury, Massachusetts while managing two additional maintenance facilities on behalf of its clients.

Paul Revere is an industry leader in the arena of alternative fuels – we have extensive experience operating a mixed fleet of alternative fuel buses in a variety of settings. Over the years we have worked with clients to assess the utility of and introduce into service various fuel technologies including, compressed natural gas, diesel-electric hybrid, electric, bio-diesel, liquefied natural gas. The company is expert in the maintenance of computer-aided dispatch (CAD), automated vehicle location (AVL), automated stop announcement systems, and automated passenger counting and video surveillance systems.

Paul Revere has a proven record of providing safe, high quality service in settings ranging from congested urban areas to the tranquil splendor of the Grand Canyon National Park.  This outstanding record has resulted in consistently successful rebids of all our contracts.  Our bus drivers maintain excellent relations with commuters and provide a personalized service.

Signature Paul Revere contracts include:

Massport Shuttle

Paul Revere provides the Boston-Logan International Airport Shuttle bus service on behalf of the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport).

Paul Revere offers transportation services to airline workers, airport employees and the general public. The company operates service on the grounds of Boston-Logan International Airport and at remote parking facilities for both airline customers and employees. Paul Revere uses a fleet of CNG fueled 45-foot CNG NABI buses and 60-foot articulated diesel-electric hybrid NABI buses to provide these services.

Paul Revere maintains the Green Bus Depot, a CNG-certified maintenance facility, on behalf of Massport. From this facility we operate and maintain the Massport Shuttle services. Paul Revere transports over 8.8 million riders per year, including travelers and airline and airport employees.

Logan Express

Paul Revere operates Express bus service to Logan Airport from two Boston suburbs located north and south of the city, seven (7) days per week between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and midnight. The Logan Express service, which is provided under contract to Massport, utilizes over-the-road coaches to transport passengers between all terminals at Boston-Logan International Airport and commuter parking facilities at Anderson Regional Transportation Center in Woburn, MA and at Forbes Road in Braintree, MA. Since 2014, Paul Revere has also provided the Back Bay-Logan Express service is operated between Logan Airport and Copley Square.

Taken together, we transport over 1.25 million passengers on these express services.


Paul Revere operates daily shuttle service under contract to the Medical Area Scientific Community Organization (MASCO), providing service on seven different routes six days per week, on a fixed route, fixed schedule, transporting passengers between their worksites in the Longwood Medical Area (LMA) of Boston to employee parking lots, MBTA subway stations, Harvard University’s main campus in Cambridge, and the Harvard Medical School in the LMA. These services are provided to staff and employees of member institutions (including Children's Hospital, Beth Israel/Deaconess Hospital, and Harvard Medical School). We transport approximately 2.7 million annual passengers on the MASCO service.

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Paul Revere operates three shuttle bus routes for the University that carry more than 4.2 million riders annually.  The routes originate at the JFK/UMass MBTA subway station and UMass Bayside and make stops at the Campus Center, Clark Athletic Center, Mass Archives and Learning Center.  Two of the routes operate five days per week; the third route operates seven days per week.  The fleet consists of New Flyer Xcelsior DEH buses. They include new Intelligent Transportation systems, including Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location, On Bus Cameras, and Clever Digital recorder and automatic passenger counting systems.


Paul Revere operates Routes 712 and 713 in Winthrop and East Boston with connections to the MBTA Orient Heights Blue Line Station. The routes operate seven days per week, approximately 20 hours per day, and carrying close to 2,134 daily passengers on a fleet of six transit buses. Route 712 serves the northeastern portion of Winthrop via Revere Street and Crest Avenue; Route 713 serves the southeastern portion of Winthrop via Pauline Street and Washington Avenue. The service runs as a combination loop with the outbound 712 returning as an inbound 713 and the outbound 713 returning as an inbound 712. Route variations run throughout the weekday. We transport approximately 750,000 riders per year on the Winthrop service.

Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Visitor Transportation System

Through a competitive government solicitation, Paul Revere assumed operation and maintenance of the Visitor Shuttle service at the South Rim in January 2000.  Through subsequent national competitive bids, Paul Revere has been re-awarded this contract three additional times, in 2005, 2009 and 2014.  The service, which is designed to reduce the impact of automobile travel within the Park, operates from one half hour before sun-up to one hour after sun-down, seven days per week, fifty-two weeks per year and carries over 10 million riders per year to all manor areas of the Canyon’s South Rim.

Charles River Transportation Management Association

Paul Revere operates the EZRide Shuttle between Kendall Square in Cambridge and North Station in Boston with stops at intermediary points and connecting to multiple commuter rail lines.  The service runs on 10-minute headways Monday through Friday for approximately nine hours per day, using a fleet of seven buses.  Annual ridership is over 478,000.

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