Mobilization/Labor Management

ACI knows how to plan and manage all of the major milestones associated with the successful assumption of service, including performing design reviews; hiring and training a qualified staff, and developing all of the plans, policies and procedures to provide safe and reliable service. We have coordinated the mobilization for three start-up transit systems and for one existing system in which service was being transitioned to us.

For Tren Urbano heavy rail, ACI created a brand new organization of approximately 400 locally hired and trained professionals. Given the fact that passenger rail service was long absent from Puerto Rico, preparing for revenue service was a major challenge since expertise about train operations at the time was very limited. Today, ACI’s Tren Urbano operates with exceptionally high on-time-performance with a management, supervisory and line staff that is nearly 100% native Puerto Rico residents.

During start-up and mobilization of Valley Metro light rail in Phoenix, ACI supported testing systems, commissioning of vehicles, safety certification and systems integration. We also developed plans and procedures and recruited, hired and trained employees.
For FastTracks Eagle P3 commuter rail in Denver, ACI is responsible for recruiting, hiring and training more than 200 employees, supporting the testing and commissioning of vehicles, developing plans and procedures, and procuring a suite of management tools that will be integrated to provide an advanced operations management platform.

ACI also has extensive experience in hiring/transitioning employees covered by 13(c) labor protection rights; negotiating collective bargaining agreements; and managing union personnel in both our rail and bus operations. Respectful of potential 13(c) obligations, ACI coordinates with our clients to ensure the smooth mobilization of labor and the development of a collective bargaining agreement that both preserves management rights and provides fair compensation and a safe work environment for our employees.

On behalf of the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad, ACI led the mobilization effort for the MBTA commuter rail contract. The primary objective of the mobilization effort was to prepare MBCR to perform all of the services defined in the Commuter Rail Operating Agreement. During the six-month transition process, ACI negotiated with fourteen different unions for salaries, benefits and working conditions for 1,550 union employees all covered by 13(c) labor protection. This transition was successfully completed on schedule; all negotiations were accomplished and 14 collective bargaining agreements were signed in advance of the turn-over of service on July 1, 2003. Start-up commenced without incident or disruption to the commuter rail system.

In our management of Paul Revere Transportation, ACI has negotiated and managed collective bargaining agreements with the Teamsters Local 25 since 1990, including a ten-year agreement covering workers on our service contract with Massport. Paul Revere has negotiated in total six labor agreements with Teamsters Local 25, covering approximately 250 people, and one contract with the Teamsters Local 379 covering approximately 25 people employed on our Winthrop/East Boston service contract with the MBTA.

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